Your Challenges


All businesses have different aims, budgets, timescales and target audiences. All require a unique approach.

By immersing our experienced team into your business to gain an in-depth insight into your organisation, we really get underneath your individual requirements. The results can be highly revealing, helping you to discover new opportunities for your business.

And when it comes to choosing the right communications solutions to meet your needs, we have a range of products and services on offer to design and build a bespoke programme that works for you


Going Global

For most of our clients, the world is their market. We can spread your messages far and wide, ensuring consistency and local cultural relevance. We operate a global hub model across the US, Europe, China and India to ensure the thrust of your campaign is replicated accurately and maintains its relevance and focus in your markets across the globe.

Some clients are focussed on the high growth BRIC areas, where our media contacts and wide view of the market deliver the desired results. Through a strong local team in China, Kapler Communications has been instrumental in delivering PR, media relations and editorial campaigns in this key market for clients based in Europe and North America.

Irrespective of the geography, we aim to help you measure the effect of what we do, reporting outcomes, impact and behaviour change.

Great Content

In today’s information hungry media landscape, quality content has never been more important. Your customer is in control of the information flow – what they receive and when they get it. Content has to be even more engaging, ever more valuable to the reader… to bind them to your brand, encourage engagement, and nurture them through to a sale.

Our team includes a unique mix of scientists and engineers with communications experts. We’re in an unrivalled position to understand your technology and translate complex messages into powerful, sales focussed content.

Having worked with you toensure a clear strategy is in place, we write scientific articles and presentations, conduct customer interviews and prepare case studies. We research and create comprehensive web and brochure copy.We find the right news angle and create insightful releases. We can work with you to produce video, photographic and podcast material, and contribute content to your social media programme too.

We are not just focussed on the tactics, however – we ensure that these pieces of content are used strategically to ensure you capture names and can qualify leads.

Brand Building

In an increasingly competitive market the need to make your company stand out from the crowd by building a strong, reputable and exciting brand that engages with your target audience is more important than ever. Most of our clients do brand building to prepare the ground for their sales teams and ensure that there is no such thing as a ‘cold call’; when they pick up the phone the prospect already knows the company and has an awareness of its offering.

Our team has the proven expertise and creative approach to get you noticed. We know what generates meaningful engagement, excitement and coverage within your market.

By getting right to the heart of your brand, we help you develop your vision, mission and values and devise the best way to communicate them to your target audience. By identifying what makes your company unique and delivering an integrated campaign across multiple channels we effectively increase awareness of your brand to the people that matter.

Our in-house graphic design team is also available to develop company branding and collateral providing you with all your marketing communications services under one roof.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Need help aligning your sales and marketing strategies to maximise the effectiveness of your hard work? Our sales effectiveness programme works to ensure that your sales team has all of the knowledge and tools available to support them in their sales efforts. We also run strategy workshops to help you and your team establish your approach and achieve your business objectives.

Ultimately, we make sure your sales team (and distributors or agents) are supported with the marketing materials they need to generate more business.

Stakeholder Engagement

In order to effectively engage with your stakeholder group (from analysts to employees, board members to shareholders) you need to understand their specific wants and needs. We research and map, to provide you with an in-depth insight into your stakeholders.

The result? Insight to inform and develop targeted engagement and advocacy campaigns.

Lead Generation

The recent shift in buying structures has put buyers in the driving seat, making it more important than ever to have a strategy in place to generate leads and drive potential customers into your company of their own accord. With the abundance of information now available, companies are now required to actively engage with their target audiences on their terms.

We can help…We run focused lead generation programmes via direct, indirect, inbound and outbound marketing, resulting in high quality leads that will ultimately convert into actual sales by effectively integrating sales and marketing activity.

Lead Nurture

Once you have captured your valuable leads, it is crucial that you continue to engage with prospects throughout the purchasing decision process – lead nurture. We can support you in making sure that your leads don’t go to waste.

By putting in a consistent, responsive system for managing and interacting with your leads (whether it be face to face, digital, via the telephone, or through CRM database management), listening to the needs of potential customers and making sure you offer value and opportunities for interaction, you can develop awareness and desire within potential customers.

Media Relations

Managing the media channels has become more complex in recent times but professional, close working relationships with key editors and publishers across the world remain a high priority for us.

The result? Premium opportunities for articles, interviews and opinion pieces in magazines and on web portals, all integrated into the specific programme we run with you. Importantly, we also see a flexibility and willingness on the part of editors to consider something new; we are proud that many of our ideas originally conceived as part of client programmes, have gone on to become regular magazine/portal features. Oh, and enthusiastic attendance (‘bums on seats’) at press conferences and webinar media briefings.

We can also help train your teams on what to say (and what not to!) when talking to the media and help your team create engaging, shareable and unique content.