3 tips to convert your website visitors into sales

Following on from last week’s tips on driving traffic to your website, the next step is ensuring that you convert these visitors into sales.

With tools such as Google Analytics at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to be analysing your visitor data to give valuable insight. A good place to focus is on the all important 5 W’s

Who are your customers?
What are they looking for?
Where are the coming from?
When are the visiting your website?
Why are they searching for your business?

Once you can answer these questions and use the data to your advantage, you will be on your way to success.

Here are three tips to help you boost your conversion rates

1. Customer Feedback and Reviews
Consumer reviews are extremely influential when it comes to helping people make those crucial purchasing decisions. Studies show that between 80-90% of respondents buying decisions are effected by positive and negative feedback, so be sure to include positive reviews at vital points in your customer’s buying journey. Social media plays an important role here, with 70% of consumers using these platforms to learn about other customers’ experiences.

2. Cut the Hype
As savvy consumers continue to take the driving seat, the days when people would fall for extensive hype-based copywriting are over. Instead provide clear, compelling content that aids the decision making process.

3. Test, Test, Test
What works for one website and audience may not for another. You’ll have to put in the legwork by testing what works best for your business. You can use social media to see which messages and strategies resonate with your target audience and then adopt these for your website and other communication channels.