3 free and easy ways to get links your website

Despite the common assumption that businesses need to pay for links back to their websites, there are some simple ways to get links published for free. Here are three of our favourites:

1. Speak to your suppliers
Offer your suppliers a testimonial for their website in return for publishing your link. If you ask, you are likely to find they are more than willing in order to keep you as a valued customer and receive your endorsement for their own business.

2. Get creative with your content
Does your website have useful ‘how to’ guides or videos, interesting infographics or industry reports, or useful online tools? If so, there’ll be a host of blogs, news sites or social media accounts who may welcome content contributions and will be willing to include a link if you ask.

3. The missing link
Search online for content already published about your company or its products. If the sites don’t include a link to your website, simply ask them to do so. Remember to send them a link to make it nice and easy.

Try these simple steps and you should succeed in boosting your website visitors without it costing you a penny. For further marketing advice, get in touch on: +44 (0) 1480 471059 or email us at info@kapleronline.com